Special Experience

What is “Your Special Diving Experience”

Our approach is to provide a very personal and customized diving journey on 3 days in a row between Monday and Friday. We designed different models for a group of friends, families, pairs and individuals. The packages we have designed are fully flexible, that means we can transform it as you expect – To make sure that you get the most relaxed holiday we decided to offer this 3 days during the week – this means not to have a prolonged weekend with stress but much more to have a relaxed arrival with 3 easy and funny days in the following – further the village is much more quite as well we will have the diving spots almost for us alone !

Our Promise

  • We act always on our maxim “safety first”
  • During the experience we make sure to have a “maximum of 6 clients” on the boat
  • We plan everything together with our clients – so it´s your “personal experience”
  • You will have the possibility to book your package with “privacy option”
  • We love what we do and we are just “our selves”

About safety first – doesn´t matter the weather condition force any risk, someone from the group feels uncomfortable during the dive or the boat ride or any other issue comes up – we take it serious – It´s all about trust and we are happy to have you with us !