About Us

Why we are unique

Especially for diving, trust is an important factor. We really often hear from clients that they stopped this wonderful activity because they had strange experiences as diving in very big groups, or having guides who doesn’t respect the certification level of each divers.

For us this is never an option and we promise that we make sure that you will have a clear view since the first contact with us.

Therefore it is important for us to provide all the insights on our approach in the digital world as this is mostly the first touch point. We really want to take care of your expectations; you will get the offer and options that you booked with “Your Special Diving Experience”.

  • We offer individual trips and experiences based on the needs of our clients
  • Our equipment is based on the newest standards
  • We focus on quality – we will deliver what we agreed on together
  • We prepare for you – If your last dive is long time back we take care that you remember what you´ve learned
  • Pick up Service – Doesn´t matter if you stay in the hotel, camping or apartment – we pick you up
  • We act international – For us it is common to communicate in English
  • We care on the environment
  • Our team is unique and everyone is close to each other – this is key

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We will be your personal coach. Every “Special Diving Experience” packages can be customized.


Our team is qualified at the highest level with ages of experience in the scuba diving field.


Safety is a must for us. We always take care of you since you enter our world.

Full Service

Our “Special Diving Experience” packages are designed to provide an individual and unique service.