Documents and Forms

Documents and Forms

well prepared before you dive

Diving Procedure

Argentario Scuba Point – Actual Procedure for Diving Activity

Safety protocol against Covid-19 contagion based on SIMSI (Italian Society of Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine) guidelines – INAIL – ISS

  1. Contagion prevention for sports diving activities, snorkeling, boat trips
  2. Regulation of diving activities
  3. Registration form for the carrying out of the diving activity
  4. Providing information to participate in the activities (self-certification)

To meet the actual requirements which have been enacted by law we kindly ask you to read carefully through the current rules and we really say thank you for your cooperation getting all necessary information we need to have you with us.

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Full Description – Actual Procedure

Registration Form Access Diving Center

Registration Form Diving Activity

Procedure Italiano

Nuove Procedure

Modulo Autodichiarazione Argentario Scuba Point_lItaliano

Modulo Iscrizione attività subacquee Argentario Scuba Point



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