Diving Spots

The Diving Spots

Our main diving spots are around the headland of Monte Argentario , the Island of Giannutri and the Island of Giglio. Over all there are more then 40 different places with a wide range of an individual environment and difficulties. Shallow water for first experiences and totally relaxed cruises with the family or deep dive spots with caves, a wrecks and wonderful coral walls till a depth of 40 meters and more

The world of animals and corals is a typical Mediterranean one and offer a countless number of individuals – from small and colorful sponges, Jellyfishes and Corals till little Sea-Slugs, Lobster and Shrimps and the bigger fishes like the Ocean Sunfish, Tunas or different kind of Groupers

A great show is for example to see the Barracudas and Tunas hunting clusters of Anchovy, or big Grouper in the deeper areas. Or to cruise in the spring or in fall time in the middle of a Salema or Seabram cluster – If we are lucky we dive with the Moonfish

Spot Map