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We also offer dive courses for every level of experience. If you are not yet a diver, you can have a first experience with a personal instructor. We teach courses in Italian and English and it is a pleasure for us to accompany children for their first adventure under water or to guide them to become a baby dolphin diver.

Price List Season 2023

Apnea 1, 2, 3 NADD / CMAS€ 250,- / € 350,- / € 450,-
Battesimo subacqueo € 90,00
Scuba Diver NADD€ 300,00 
Open Water Diver NADD / P1 CMAS€ 480,00
Advanced Diver NADD ( 30 mt )€ 380,00 
Rescue Diver NADD€ 480,00
Guida Snorkeling€ 450,00
Divemaster NADD€ 650,00
P3 CMAS€ 650,00
Assistant Instructor NADD€ 650,00
P4 CMAS€ 650,00
Open Water Instructor NADDsu richiesta
M1 Instructor CMASsu richiesta
M2 Instructor CMASsu richiesta
Advanced Instructor NADDsu richiesta
Instructor M3 CMASsu richiesta
Dive buddy, Divemaster, Instructor HSAsu richiesta
Specialty Courses**€ 200,00
Blsd / First Aid€ 180,00
Oxygen provider€ 150,00
Nitrox€ 200,00
Decompression Procedures€ 400,00
Decompression Diver Air€ 450,00
Extended Range€ 500,00

*For those who decide to take an Open Water course after the Scuba Experience, the cost of the course will be € 390,00.

*(Notturna, Deep, Search and Rescue, Relitti, Muta stagna, Fotografia, Biologia marina, Navigazione, Attrezzatura, Compressor operator)