Giglio island

Giglio island

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The granite origin of Giglio island is expressed with high and steep coasts, rare sandy coves and above all with backdrops that descend steeply at high bathymetry in an almost always crystal-clear water and with a typically Mediterranean submerged environment.

The Giglio island Spots

Le scole
The rocks are not far from the coast, and offers at least three underwater routes discreetly sheltered from the prevailing winds. Giglio granite illuminates every dive on the island, ensuring visibility and transparency almost in every season. The compactness of the rock makes benthic life difficult but at the expence of colours we’ll be exited from the scenary and the encounters. In this diving spot we can meet snappers, lobsters and in the outer wall in season it will be possible to meet hunting jackfish. The canyon crossing the large rock is sometimes very suggestive, covered with sea daisies, where large cicadas of the sea in spring time are hidden in a few meters of water.

Zannea shoal (Secca di Zannea)
The top of the shoal is about 7 meters but the external rocks are over 40 meters deep. A striking glance for the rocky conformation that goes up discontinuously from the bottom and for the frequent encounters with bream, ravens and groupers. Orientation is not easy but the transparency of the water will allow us to peer into the blue in the hope of spotting the moon fish.

Capel Rosso head (Punta di Capel Rosso)
Back in the inlet of Cala Saracinesca just behind the southern end of the island, we swim towards the tip keeping the landslide to our left. The depth drops beyond 30 meters and, current permitting, we fin until we reach the lash that drops steeply beyond 60 meters. Red gorgonians and chestnut clouds in a transparency and breath-taking depth of field impress our memory.

Serrone shoal (Secca del Serrone)
On the western side of the island overlooking Montecristo and Corsica, just off Punta del Serrone from a depth of more than 50 meters, the wall of the shoal rises up to about 18 meters deep. Large-sized barracudas go around the hat of the shoal, thrilling us in their perpetual motion. The steep external lash rests on the sand and sometimes gives us the encounter with the moon fish while coloured bryozoans, sea daisies, moray eels in the ravines are the details of a unique immersion for scenography.

Shrimps cave (Grotta dei gamberi)
Thousands of shrimps completely cover the vault and walls of this cave and sometimes, in the most hidden cave, a lobster with giant claws peeps.

Shoal of shoals (Secca delle secche)
A few meters from the coast we find the extended hat of the shoal, granite slabs that reflect the shallow depth of the seabed but which highlight the transparency and colour of these waters. Flipping towards the open sea we find the deep part, over 45 meters, with small lashes covered by red sea fans, bream, salps and swarms of barracudas.

Fenaio head (Punta del Fenaio)
On this site we can identify multiple paths for each level of participants. Mooring in the small inlet under the lighthouse, we hold onto the wall on the left heading towards the tip. Visibility causes us to go down but be careful because the external lash exceeds 70 meters and we could often find current. Suggestive is the barren wall sometimes inhabited from white and yellow gorgonians near the surface and red gorgonians embellished with gorgon stars in the deepest part. There is no lack of encounters with moray eels, lobsters and snappers. Diving from the opposite side of the tip, keeping the wall to the right, a granite landslide often hides groupers and musdee and the path, less deep, offers a pleasant and choreographic passage around a series of rocks just below the wall.

Gloomy cove (Cala cupa)
Beautiful inlet with emerald water not far from the harbour which creates a real natural swimming pool inviting us to dive. Keeping the wall on the right and overcoming the Posidonia sea bed we will hover in crystal clear water on a backdrop of white sand. In the blue, frequent encounters with snappers and barracudas, but towards the open sea, starting from about 30 meters, a series of rocks sprinkled with red sea fans illuminate and color our path. Just around 40 meters a wonderful branch of fake black coral excites us and defines the memory of this splendid dive.

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