Giglio island

Giglio island

Aquarium for the whole Family

Explore the Underwater Wonders of Giglio Island: A Paradise for Diving Enthusiasts

Characterized by its granite origins, the Giglio island boasts high and steep coasts, rare sandy coves, and above all, marine depths that plunge vertiginously, embraced by almost perennial crystal-clear waters. Here, the typically Mediterranean underwater environment promises an unforgettable experience for every diver.

  • Le Scole – A short distance from the coast, this site offers varied underwater routes, protected from the prevailing winds. The unique illumination of Giglio’s granite ensures exceptional visibility in all seasons, setting the stage for vibrant marine life, with close encounters with snappers, lobsters, and, seasonally, amberjacks.
  • Secca di Zannea – With its highest point at just 7 meters, but with external rocks extending to over 40 meters in depth, this shoal offers frequent encounters with seabream, ravens, and groupers, in a breathtaking rocky landscape.
  • Punta di Capel Rosso – In the tranquil Cala Saracinesca, this point offers dives beyond 30 meters in depth, where red gorgonians and schools of chestnut clouds will take your breath away with the transparency and depth of field.
  • Secca del Serrone – Overlooking Montecristo and Corsica, this submarine wall offers encounters with large barracudas and unique views, enriched by colorful bryozoans and moray eels in the crevices.
  • Grotta dei Gamberi – An enchanted world where thousands of shrimps cover the ceilings and walls, offering a natural spectacle without comparison.
  • Secca delle Secche – Close to the coast, this area reveals granite slabs that reflect the transparency and vibrant colors of the water, with a deeper part hosting red sea fans and encounters with barracudas.
  • Punta del Fenaio – With paths suitable for all levels of divers, this area offers close encounters with moray eels, lobsters, and snappers, in a context of walls and underwater gardens decorated with gorgonians.
  • Cala Cupa – An emerald water bay near the harbor, inviting explorations in transparent waters over white sand bottoms, with frequent encounters with snappers and barracudas, and wonders like the fake black coral.

An Underwater Adventure Awaiting to be Lived

Giglio Island offers a rich and varied underwater world, a true paradise for both expert and novice divers. Each dive is a unique adventure, a journey to discover pristine marine environments and exciting marine encounters. Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into these transparent waters and explore the hidden treasures of Giglio Island.

This dive site is sadly known for the tragic events of the Costa Concordia, which partially sank not far from our dive spots.