Giannutri island

Giannutri island

The Spots

Explore Giannutri Island: An Underwater Paradise in the Heart of the Tuscan Archipelago

Giannutri Island emerges as a must-visit destination for nature and diving enthusiasts. Surrounded by a marine park, Giannutri preserves a still alive and uncontaminated Mediterranean ecosystem, offering underwater sceneries of rare beauty, thanks to its limestone origin.

Breathtaking Dives in Giannutri: Discover the 7 Diving Spots

With 7 exceptional diving spots, Giannutri promises an unforgettable underwater adventure. Each dive is accompanied by expert guides, equipped with specific training to ensure a safe and fully enjoyable exploration of these hidden treasures.

  • Punta Secca: Experience the thrill of gliding along the majestic wall that surrounds the island, with almost perfect visibility and the chance to admire vertical walls extending over 50 meters, habitats of lobsters, snappers, and amberjacks of considerable size, barracudas, and a variety of colorful fish.
  • Punta Secca Shoal: A sandbank a short distance from the coast that does not exceed 20 meters in depth, hides among its rocks lobsters of considerable size and external caves inhabited by shrimps, offering close encounters with the Saint Peter fish.
  • Nasim II Wreck: Explore the wreck of a merchant ship sunk in 1976, a unique diving spot for wreck enthusiasts, with vehicles scattered around the wreck and visibility that amplifies the excitement of discovery.
  • The Groupers: Dive in the company of generously sized groupers in an environment where it is possible to spot seahorses and, with a bit of luck, the Saint Peter fish.
  • Anna Bianca Wreck: A fascinating dive on a wreck broken into two sections, accessible even to recreational divers, with the presence of large moray eels, snappers, and a vibrant marine fauna populating the metal sheets.
  • The Arches: Cross the natural arches rich in benthic life, explore a seagrass garden and meet rays and sea hares among the rocks, in a dive characterized by extraordinary visibility and brightness.
  • Punta San Francesco: Protected from the winds and rich in marine life, this dive offers close encounters with barracudas, snappers, yellow sea fans, sponges, moray eels, octopuses, and nudibranchs of various species.

Why Choose Giannutri for Your Next Diving Trip

Every diving spot in Giannutri promises a unique experience, in a protected marine environment rich in biodiversity. Whether you are an experienced diver or an enthusiast looking for new underwater adventures, Giannutri welcomes you with its pristine beauty and the promise of unforgettable dives.

Book your underwater adventure on Giannutri Island now and let yourself be surprised by the hidden wonders of the Mediterranean.